Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Returns

Why does it take so long for my tax returns to be finished?

Since we process returns in the order that they come in to our office, your returns can get derailed for a number of reasons: missing information; technical issues requiring research; waiting for K-1’s; 1099’s, or other information from outside sources.  Any of these issues can cause your return to be put aside until the matter is resolved.  In addition, after April 15, our staff is no longer working 7 days a week, so it takes longer to finish returns.

Where is my refund?

Refunds general take about two weeks to get to you if you file your return electronically and you opt for direct deposit of your refund.  If you file electronically, but do not have direct deposit, it generally takes about three to four weeks to receive.  If you file a paper return, it usually takes eight weeks or longer to get your refund.  Check our LINKS tab for ways to check your status with the taxing authorities.

What if I am audited?

Preparing for an audit can be stressful but, as long as you keep good records, need not be frightening.  You need to prepare copies of each item they are asking for and organize the data in the order that they request.  This makes the audit go much smoother as it is easier for the auditor to verify what is needed.  Do not give them any items they did not ask for and do not volunteer any “extra” information.  If you are missing any documents, you will need to find an alternative way to explain or prove the income or expense item.

Do I need to file a Personal Property Return?

All businesses in Oregon should file a personal property return annually (due by March 15). The county then reviews the return and if the asset value on January 1st, 2018 is above the threshold, then the County will send a bill for tax- payment due November 15th. If the value is below the threshold, the county will not send you a bill and may send you a  letter stating you do not need to file in the future years unless your asset value increases above the threshold. The county relies on taxpayers to file voluntarily.