Who Are We?

Smyth & Clark, PC is a CPA firm founded in 1993 serving the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas with CPA services, tax preparation, planning, bookkeeping, and consulting services.

SMYTH (Linda)


Linda has been practicing in the area for over 30 years and is particularly interested in helping clients determine the right moves to maximize their personal and business tax and management decisions that are often encountered when planning for both year end and the future.

CLARK (Leslie)

I discovered accounting accidentally in college, and I was hooked – I can’t answer exactly why, but I think that I found a lot of satisfaction in assessing what a series of numbers could tell me, then finding a logical conclusion at the end, kind of like a puzzle. Once I graduated and became a CPA, I began to formulate how I could improve upon the service that clients needed and expected. Since that time, I have provided those valued services to individuals and to a wide variety of businesses. I spend the time to listen to the needs of each client and to work toward resolving their needs. I work hard to be readily available to provide timely information and advice and to help clients identify strategies or alternatives to progress toward their goals.